Presidium - âęëţ÷ŕĺěŕ˙ îáëŕńňü

Panchenko Olga Vladimirovna

President of MASKT(National Dance Studios and Clubs Association)
Joint owner of the Dance clubs network «GallaDance»


Mindel Aleksei Mikhailovich

Vice President of MASKT
Director General of Dance clubs «GallaDance»
President of the Company «Dance Promotion Group»


Kolobova Elena Vladimirovna

Vice-president of MASKT
Director of the Dance studio «“Tanzmeister”»
Latin dance coach
IDSF Judge with the highest magisterial degree «Fellow»


Melnikov Aleksandr Ivanovich

Presidium member of MASKT
President of the Dance Sport Federation «Professional»
Head of the Dance Sport Club "Ëčíč˙ ňŕíöŕ"
Latin and ball-room dancing coach
IDSF Judge


Sporykhin Mikhail Mikhailovich

Presidium member of MASKT
Pro Am Director of MASKT
Director for programs «Dance Management Group»
Sports Dances Judge of All-Russian rating


Duvanov Sergei Borisovich

Presidium member of MASKT
Head of Dance Center «Latinskii Kvartal»


Mavlyautdinov Takhir Abutalievich

Presidium member of MASKT
Head of the dance-sports club "STS"
Director of the dance school "STS", NaberezhnyeChelny


Entry for members


The difference between Pro Am contests by invitation and open contests

Dear colleagues!

At the previous NASKT round-table meeting, the members of the Association noticed that a great number of contest sponsors and participants understood the status of Pro Am contests by invitation, internal and open contests in a different way. 

The Client Servicing Standards for dance clubs have been developed by NASKT.

Dear colleagues! Members of NASKT!

For your kind attention, here are the Client Servicing Standards recommended to the dance member clubs in the Association.

We consider such approach to client servicing to be the most effective and feasible.