In compliance with the Articles of Association of IDSCA any legal entity, whose scope of activities includes recreation and entertainment in cultural sphere, or which renders dance teaching services for amateurs, can become a member of the Association.

Heads of the Association understand the reason why some heads or owners of some dance clubs, schools or studios are cautious about membership status in a new organization. Due to the fact that the Association is quite young, the market participants do not have a possibility to familiarize themselves with its activities to the fullest extent, so the heads of the Association resolved that the schools, studios and clubs, who want to become members of the Association, can first become Probation Members of the Association without vote for the first 4 months.

This membership entitles you to attend events organized by IDSCA and does not presuppose any membership fees.

In order to become a member one should fill in an Application for becoming a probation member of the Association and send this Application to us. After consideration of this application the employee of the Association will contact you and inform you of the opportunity to be present at IDSCA meetings and events.

Membership fee

In order to get some information about the order of membership fees payment please refer to Membership Fees Regulations
  • Admission fee makes 5000 rubles.
  • Annual membership fee makes 10000 rubles.

Documents required

Apart from paying the membership fees in order to get IDSCA members status, you need to fill in and sign an application for getting members status and provide the copies of the documents listed in the application:
  1. a copy of the Articles of Association;
  2. a copy of Memorandum of Association (if any);
  3. a copy of Certificate or any document proving the state registration of a legal entity;
  4. a copy of document on your Taxpayer Identification Number issued by tax inspection;
  5. copies of documents proving the powers of legal entitys representative to act in the name of the latter (copies of Minutes of General Meetings of Legal entities or copies of Board Resolution minutes (Supervisory Boards) on appointment /election (contract) of Executive board of a legal entity (Director, Director General etc.).

Entry for members


The difference between Pro Am contests by invitation and open contests

Dear colleagues!

At the previous NASKT round-table meeting, the members of the Association noticed that a great number of contest sponsors and participants understood the status of Pro Am contests by invitation, internal and open contests in a different way.

The Client Servicing Standards for dance clubs have been developed by NASKT.

Dear colleagues! Members of NASKT!

For your kind attention, here are the Client Servicing Standards recommended to the dance member clubs in the Association.

We consider such approach to client servicing to be the most effective and feasible.