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Об ассоциации - включаемая область

The National Dance Studios and Clubs Association (NASKT) is a non-profit organization of the owners and heads of dance studios and clubs, engaged in dance classes of all styles and directions.

The Association was established in order to control and coordinate the business activity of the members thereof, represent and protect common interests. The Association members preserve their legal and economic independence.

Main objections of the Association:
  • countrywide popularization of dance as a leisure activity for all population;
  • development, promotion and condition of the market of dance services on a highly professional level;
  • sharing successful work experience between the Association members in the sphere of dance services provision;
  • service quality improvement in dance clubs, schools and studios;
  • establishment of unified standards and terminology in the field of dance services;
  • establishment of unified standards and terminology in the sphere of dance service provision;
  • protection against unconscientious market participants, employees and customers.
Major activities of the Association:
  • development of rules, regulations and standards for members of the Association at all territory of Russia;
  • conduction of surveys and development of recommendations to improve the quality of services and establish unified standards;
  • conduction of workshops on advance training coaches of clubs, schools and studios both in Russia and abroad;
  • organization and conduction of events in various regions within and beyond the territory of Russia in order to attract prospective clients for the Association members;
  • establishment of unified events schedule for the Association members;
  • rendering consulting services to the Association members;
  • coordination of practical activity of the Association members within and beyond the territory of Russia.
In its activities the Association shall:
  • observe the norms of active legislation of the Russian Federation, and generally accepted regulations of international law;
  • human rights;
  • act in good faith.

All NASKT members shall observe the Ethics code of members of National Dance Studios and Clubs Association in their activities.

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The difference between Pro Am contests by invitation and open contests

Dear colleagues!

At the previous NASKT round-table meeting, the members of the Association noticed that a great number of contest sponsors and participants understood the status of Pro Am contests by invitation, internal and open contests in a different way. 

The Client Servicing Standards for dance clubs have been developed by NASKT.

Dear colleagues! Members of NASKT!

For your kind attention, here are the Client Servicing Standards recommended to the dance member clubs in the Association.

We consider such approach to client servicing to be the most effective and feasible.