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8-10 December 2017

Vienna, Austria

8 - 10 December 2017 magic Christmas Vienna for the third time will host International Pro-Am Dance Festival "AMAZING VIENNA" - the headliner festival of the world-famous brand AMAZING DANCE WORLD (ADW). The festival is known for its warmth and beauty, where every single detail is thoroughly planned to provide the participants and guests only with the best memories of the festival, organized by the recognized dance master Leonid Pletnev.

This year the venue of the festival is Sofiensaal, located in the central part of the city. The location with its own history! Built in 1826, completely burned down in 2001, but rebuilt and opened once again in 2013. Johann Strauss I performed there regularly and conducted at the opening ball of the house in 1848. Many of the Strauss family's waltzes were first performed there. Now came the time of PRO-AM dance competition to be held in this magic venue.

8th and 9th December - competiotions in all dancing styles, levels and age categories, with the grand final on the Evening Session of the second day – “Amazing Vienna Star Night” with special Star Guests Shows Nick Cheremukhin & Viktorija (USA, Blackpool and World Professional American Smooth Champions). Also featuring 2017 ADW Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships (VW Int St, VW Am Smooth, VW Show) and 2017 ADW European Open PRO-AM Grand Prix (stage Austria). Distinguished international panel of adjudicatiors from 11 counrties.

!!! NEW !!! 10th December ADW International Dance Congress PRO-AM System will consist of two parts: first for PRO/Teachers only, second open for everybody.

To comfort every single guest of the festival we created PACKAGES in 2 different hotels. First package is for beloved by our participants Grand Hotel Wien*****, which has been famous the world over for exquisite hospitality and refined luxury. The shuttle bus will ensure comfort transfer (approx. 10 minutes) to the venue of the festival. The second option is Ruby Sofie Hotel, located in the venue of the festival, what makes it so convenient as well as economic. The philosophy of the hotel is lean luxury Pay less for the luxury, concentrating on what really matters. By purchasing a package, you will not only enjoy a magical dance holiday but also have loads of fun with a bunch of extra entertainments before, after and between your competitions, including welcome dinner, lunches, afterparty, gala-dinner, general dancing, fiaker city tour, Christmas market visit etc. Big discounts for Early Bird bookers!

Deadline for entries is 15th November 2017.

Entries, packages and detailed information on the website

Join us. Enjoy yourself.

Champions’ Ball: 10 years landmark of Russian Pro-Am

The concept and a very strict rule of the organizers: only National, World and European Champions in the adjudicators panel. For the last 10 years participants have been judged by legendary dancers, elite professionals of dance world. The following specialists worked at the event in different years - Timothy Howson, Andrew Sinkinson, Didio Barerra, John Kimmins, MichaelStylianos, Katya & Giordano Vanone, Michael Chapman, Brayan Watson, Anna Bezikova, Alexander Melnikov, Irina Solomatina among many others.

The best worldwide known shows were performed at Champions Ball. The participants and guests remember breath-taking shows by Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko, Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova, Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis, Jukka Haapalainen & Sirpa Suutari, Eldar Dzhafarov & Anna Sazhina, Domenico Soale & Gioia Cerasoli and many others.

Champions' Ball — is a very modern competition. This is always a grandiose event with bright decorations, laser show, unique videos, live music. No wonder Mr. Didio Barrera, publisher of the most popular newspaper in the world about ballroom dancing Dance Beat, described Champions Ball as the best Pro-Am competition in the world.

Champions Ball is well known internationally. Participants from such countries as USA, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan among others attended the event in different years.

We are delighted to invite you to register for Champions Ball 2017.

Please call us on +7 495 788 0477 for any additional information.

Address: Congress-Hall, World Trade Center, Krasnopresnenskaya emb, 12, entrance 4.


10th anniversary Champions Ball registration is now open!

In anticipation of 10th anniversary Champions Ball (that is taking place on 22-23rd April 2017) we have spoken to Tatiana Ignatieva talented Pro-Am dancer, who truly feels at home at Champions Ball for the last 10 years.

What is Champions Ball to you personally?

For me its the most beautiful and amazing competition in Russia that has ever existed. This is a true celebration of beauty and dancing, opportunity for the participants to show what theyve achieved and really enjoy the moment. I am confident MASKT will remain a leader in this.

What are your most vivid memories from this competition from previous years?

Undoubtedly, my victory - it was an unforgettable moment for me. I proved to myself that having joined the club at the age of nearly 50, its possible to learn something new. And if you develop personally you stay young. Also, it was amazing when I got award that was the year when people voted for the best Pro-Am female partner. It was so unexpected to realize how many people actually follow my success.

Would you please tell us about your first Champions Ball? How have you decided to perform a show at such large event? What were your impressions then?

That was the first time I participated in Champions Ball therefore had absolutely no idea what to expect. And the show that we danced together with Sergey Krivov with costumes changes that was something spectacular. Now, 10 years later, I understand that back then it was an unbelievable drive, desire to show people how great it is to be able to move with the music. Thats probably why the audience welcomed this show so warmly. You simply cant fool live audience. The panel judges you per very concrete criteria; the audience, on the contrary, - only based on their emotions.

Did your feelings change from year to year?

No doubt I get nervous every time I step on this dance floor that I share with other, also very talented participants. No matter how long you have been dancing for, every time you go on this floor in this magnificent hall, you feel great responsibility, you feel you need to prove what you are capable of, what you have learned. Its never once and forever victory its from competition to competition, from year to year.

From your perspective, are there any competitions that can be compared to Champions Ball?

Undoubtedly. There is also Moscow Ball which is an amazing event too. But I personally think that Champions Ball could be compared to Millennium that is held in Florida these two events are very similar in terms of atmosphere, beauty of the event and excellent organization. Michael Chapman, the organizer of this competition, has attended Champions Ball various times as a judge.

What would you like to with to Champions Ball?

Prosperity, lots of success to Olga Panchenko and Alexey Mindel who do all possible and impossible for this event to be as amazing and unforgettable as it has been all these years. And to the participants: dont wait till last minute to register, do it as soon as you can and start looking forward to the delightful moment when your hit is announced and you step on this floor.

Moscow Ball 2016 and WDSF PD World Championship Latin

Year after year Moscow Ball - International Open Pro-Am competition - becomes the hottest dance event of the city in December. This competition is always associated with a real drive on the dance floor in the very centre of Moscow and warm welcome of the organizers. The event has a very special, solemn atmosphere there is less touch of show business glow but a lot more of unique atmosphere of old Moscow balls.

Last year the guests were amazed by the organizers idea to transform the official congress hall of the World Trade Centre into a real palace with gilding walls and crystal chandeliers. This year the organizers promise to create even greater decorations. And there is a special reason for it for the first time in the history of Russian dancing WDSF PD World Championship Latin will be held within the tenth Moscow Ball.

Undoubtedly, the event will be of high interest after all, the most famous and successful Russian professional couples will perform at the event Andrey Zaytsev and Anna Kuzminskaya, World Dance Sport Federation Professional Division leaders; Vitaly Panteelev and Angelina Nechkhaeva, who are in Top-5 world Latin couples.

By the way, Andrey Zaytsev and Anna Kuzminskaya is a legendary professional couple with a very interesting dance history. They won many competitions in the past but then at some stage Andrey and Anna stopped dancing together. After that Andrey danced with another partner who was once involved in a doping scandal. At Moscow Ball Andrey and Annas fans will finally have a chance to see them together again! We are very much looking forward to their performance!

Its known that the Russian couples have great chances to win the top places of the coming World Championship, but we are sure the foreign athletes will be of great competition to them - Pavel Pasechnik and Marta Arndt from Germany is among them.

Pro-Am Moscow Ball participants will not only have the chance to witness the World Championship, but also be judged by the same adjudicators who will work at professional event. There are adjudicators from 12 countries in the panel Russia, China, Latvia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Estonia, Slovenia, Spain, and Thailand.

Multiple World and USA American Smooth Champions Marzena & Slawek Sochacki will perform their show at Moscow Ball among other surprises that the guests will experience that evening.

We would like to invite you to join us at International Open Pro-Am Moscow Ball 2016 competition that will be held on 3-4th December in Moscow at Congress Hall of World Trade Centre and become the witness of a unique dance event WDSF PD World Championship Latin.

Please visit to register for the event.

Please call +7 495 788 0477 for any further information.

Dance Promotion Group is a recognized leader in Pro-Am events organization in Russia. This time, World Dance Sport Federation has entrusted Dance Promotion Group, World Dance Sport Federation Professional Division, and International Association of Clubs, Schools and Dance Studios (MASKT) to organize WDSF PD World Championship Latin. These organizations have already hosted European Ballroom Cup in Saint-Petersburg and are organizing WDSF World Cup Latin in Yekaterinburg on 30 Oct.

Ural Dance Cup 2016 and WDSF Professional Latin World Cup

This year a very well-known within Pro-Am community Ural Dance Cup dance competition has got a new title partner Siberia Golden Gates Dance Support Fund and the right to host official World Cup, one of the most prestigious competitions among the professionals.

This autumn, on 30th October 2016, WDSF Professional Latin World Cup will be held for the first time in Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg hotel. Dance Clubs GallaDance, Dance Sport Federation Professional division with the support of WDSF PD and IASKT are the organizers of this title event.

We are honoured to host such a great event, this is a huge step forward in Ural Dance Cup growth and development, comments Denis Tagyntsev, co-owner of GallaDance clubs in Yekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg and Tyumen, - We will do utmost for the competition to be held at the highest level and we truly hope the guests will have an unforgettable stay in our city and will enjoy the competition. 24 couples from more than 10 countries all over the world will participate in WDSF PD World Cup and adjudicators from nine countries will work at the competition.

Ural Dance Cup will bring together a record number of participants not only from Russia, but also from other countries on the same dance floor we will see Professionals and those, for whom dancing is a hobby and lifestyle, which helps to keep yourself in a fantastic shape and enjoy life. WDSF World Cup is a separate bright event on the day: professional competition is always exciting and unforgettable. Pro-Am competition and WDSF Professional Latin World Cup competitors will perform with the live orchestra governed by Vitaly Vladimirov.

In the past it was possible to dance with the life orchestra only at the biggest Pro-AM IASKT open competitions, such as Champions Ball and Moscow Ball. The guests will have the opportunity to dance on the professional dance floor at Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg hotel during special social dance breaks.

Already now 4 months before the competition and before the start of advertising campaign, dance fans have started to purchase the tickets for the competition therefore we encourage you to register in advance and book the best seats for World Cup and Ural Dance Cup final.

We invite you to visit this amazingly beautiful city Yekaterinburg, situated at European and Asian border, and to witness this wonderful event - WDSF Professional Latin World Cup held within Ural Dance Cup. We are looking forward to seeing you on 30th October 2016 at Hyatt Regency Yekaterinburg hotel, address: Borisa Yeltsina street, 8.

Registration and tickets at the website


World Class Pro-Am 2009.



9-10 December 2016, VIENNA (AUSTRIA)

#Announcement#Amazing Vienna#AMAIZNG DANCE WORLD

9 - 10 December 2016 magic Christmas Vienna for the second time will host International Pro-Am Dance Festival "AMAZING VIENNA" - the festival of the world-famous brand "AMAZING DANCE WORLD"! The participants of the last year's debut brought home the most pleasant memories about the wonderful fairy tale, organized for them by the recognized dance master Leonid Pletnev.

The venue of the festival will again be the luxurious five-star hotel Grand Hotel Wien *****, where the dancing couples will compete in all popular dancing styles: International ST & LAT, American Smooth & Rhythm, Argentine Tango, Caribbean Mix, Show case & VIP Show case. For the Evening session of the festival on 10th December 2016 participants and guests will move to the majestic Hofburg Imperial Palace (the best and most famous ballroom in Europe!), where they will enjoy the magical Amazing Vienna Star Night with the following 10th Moscow Ball!

In addition to traditional competition, the dance festival "AMAZING VIENNA" will host the 2016 Viennese Waltz World Open PRO-AM Championships, which will be held in three dance styles: VW International Standard, VW American Smooth, VW Showdance. The best dance duets will be determined in this world's most popular and elegant dance. Enjoy an unforgettable evening, a gourmet dinner by candlelight in the royal atmosphere, spectacular show of the world dance stars, best PRO-AM couples with their VIP Show cases, opera and ballet performances, four classical and dance orchestras at the Amazing Vienna Star Night.

The festival is a part of a grand project "Russian Seasons in Vienna". In the program of Seasons there is a traditional Russian Christmas event at the Hofburg Palace with the participation of the main Russian Santa Claus (Ded Moroz) from Veliky Ustyug, official residence of Ded Moroz, as well as variety of exhibitions and events with the participation of Russian and Austrian artists.

Guests and participants of the festival can use packages for their convenience. There are packages in two categories: STANDARD and COMFORT. This is the best way of booking your stay in Vienna according to your desires and needs. By purchasing a package, you will enjoy a magical dance holiday and charm of Vienna, while staying in the caring hands of the festival’s organizers.

Information, Entries Registration and Packages are available on the website



Entry for members


The difference between Pro Am contests by invitation and open contests

Dear colleagues!

At the previous NASKT round-table meeting, the members of the Association noticed that a great number of contest sponsors and participants understood the status of Pro Am contests by invitation, internal and open contests in a different way.

The Client Servicing Standards for dance clubs have been developed by NASKT.

Dear colleagues! Members of NASKT!

For your kind attention, here are the Client Servicing Standards recommended to the dance member clubs in the Association.

We consider such approach to client servicing to be the most effective and feasible.